Tuesday, September 15, 2009

gonna miss u babe!


last two nite, it was an exhausted nite but it also was an energetic nite,yeah coz we have a trip to KLIA for saw our old buddies(ammar nisa faris hapiz n n hapiz m) taht would be departed from msia on 6 am,oh how was it,it may nothing cant be describbed, we juz see n shake our hands,give sum hug 2 them,wish them and hoping all of us will meet again,maybe after 6 or 7 years,

so it was started when amer came to uia,juz want to bring 3 of us(damn pdot n me) to casa subang.taylor students homes, and b4 we met them,we take our tim
e at summit,haha,n mapley,taking caffein to have a long n sleepy journey after 2am,

omg!we stucked at guard post,we cant entered it,unless we have the card,ah i forgot wat it was last we registered as visitors to entered in,(haa kan senang!),so we met monek,muz,akmal,jenab,yen in the casa,so we hang out togethr at akmal's house n I also met with my buddies at national services at benum hill camp,anzari was his name,haha
on 2am,we departed from casa subang n hav a journey to KLIA,and it was calm journey bcoz the road was empty n KLIA also was empty at that nite, just full with jpa students only,
we parked our car at parking B and we arrived to GAte 4,so we met ammar,faris md noh,hafiz
n,hafiz m, and the only girl who was under jpa scholarship to egypt was nisa zaidan,my add math mentor,huh I dont know how to described my mind atthat time,seeing many people were crying 4 their daughter or son or maybe for their sib who would leave them 4 about 6 years,akmal saids,ah bile turn aku nk pakai coat nh,hee,and one day the turn will come to me to wear the coat,haiyo,seriously wat was the best word to described my feels at that time uh?however,bear in mind,either ovc or local,the truth is how did we manage ourself to gain wat was our aim n how to achieve it rite. and at that time i saw them brought their luggage and leave us and w
at was the feeling if the person was me?who would leave them that was in KLIA at that time?and insyallah I will feel it,haih maybe it will burst the tears,hee.