Monday, September 14, 2009

time telling story

hurm,well we meet again,
huh since I was in cfs till now,there're a lot of journey i have faced it either best or sad memories but it just a part of life,rite?so with my broken english,i'll tried to manage my english back by writing some or maybe a lot of stories that happened in my seconds,perhaps..
juz a little bit of stories n some pics to be commented.hee

teacher nani's daughter

having a dinner at teacher nani's house,
2 je,hee

9 sept,

guest wut?aha akmal n jenab!!a pair of couple kot,hehe,sori mal,kidding.erm maybe just
want to see their old buddies,well to appreciate them,I bring them to my uncle's restaurant at damansara uptown n it was memorable moment bcoz it such as took a batch to my uncle's restaurant,y?
bcoz we have all 6 classes members,me,akmal,pdot,damn,
maslin,n dreber terbaek,jenab!
haha.about an hour we spent at there,juz eating,having a ngumpat2,hehe,n then snap a pictha,then we went to the nearest mosque n after that we went to cold storage,juz wanna buy a bottle of water,feel so thirsty on dat time and wat happen jenab n maslin was MIA,so we were terpacak at the cold storage(bese la kalo pompuan shopping)ekeke.
2200 sharp we arrived at uia n b4 dat we want to drop at techer nani house at ss14, unfortunately she was working at dat time, never mind,n once thanx to them(akmal n jenab) 4 the 'vacation'.,hee

10 sept.
this terrible day.haha
wat was it?
my dormates aka amir,syuk,fendi,zaki,daus,kenit,adib was successfully make a video entitled salam perantauan dari scotland,maybe 0ne day if i watch that video back i will start to tears,sob3.

sahur in making.

kenit besday party

11 sept.
it was a raining day and it might be the best moment that shud be written in this blog,
it was a reunion a.k.a sepintarian ifthar at kg. baru. It was started when nisa invited me to join sepintarian group that was created by herself on fb, and wat was they discussed on that time was entitled mjlis berbuke pose. So I thought that kg.baru was the rite place beside it was a shortage time to discussed,and.we have done it.(proses th x payah cter kot)hee
special thanx n kaseh sayang to all of members yg penat2 lelah trying to help(bkn bnyk mulut jer) hehe

a second that was so precious. tol ak nk tulis dlm bi.haha
gmbo bterabur


imHepPie said...

dak tecik itu...sila tutup mulot..kang dkhuatiri masok lalat..lalala~~~

AriFrukAi!! said...

xpe.mulut dye kecik,lalat pon xley msok.haha