Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cell Ukhwah?


Today I woulid like to xplain how Allah created a living cells to teach human how was vital of ukhwah in brother instead to help in alive the Islam in daily life.

The ukhwah is said as Junction in the cell,and it was called as Cell Junctions.

What is it act?It is the connection between the neighbouring cells or the connect between the cell and extracellular matrix. It is also called membrane junction. The cell junctions(ukhwah) are generally classified into 3 types (occluding junct, Communicating junct, and Anchoring junct.)

All the 3 types of junctions carried their own functions like Occluding junct is used to prevent intercellular exchange of substances and Communcating junctions is for permit the intercellular exchange of substances also Anchoring junctions is for provide strength to the cells by acting like mechanical attachments.

Each of them carried the important functions and if one of them are absents,the name of cell like to be dissapear and there would not live a living thing on the earth. It is simillar to the Ukhwah in brothers that always be emphasize by our prophet Muhammad SAW and to be a good muslim or to create a good community of Islam, the most important is ukhwah,help their brothers,advice them and bring all of them to the way of life as a islam persons. We take a look on history of Sultan Muhammad Al-fateh,how he can be a good leader n conquer and seize back the constantinople(Istanbul)?

Decree of our prophet Rasulullah SAW when dig the Khandaq Channel, “..Constantinople will be collapsed and conquer back by Islam., Their king is the best among the best king, their army is the best among the best army…”

(Imam Ahmad)

To conquer back the Constantinople was not a short and easy journey and it took about 800 years to find who was the king and the army that was said by Rasulullah saw. To have a good army is to create the great ukhwah among them and the army should have a good relationship with their king and their country. It is enough to explain how was important the meaning of relationship(ukhwah) in our daily life simillar to the cell junctions as told before.

To said that Allah created all living things even smaller as an atom shall give a good lesson to us n it is leaved to the human to thing in several ways either bad or vice versa.

Last but not least, ukhwah doesn’t same like a rope,have their ending but ukhwah have their opening or starting but it never end till to Jannah. Insyaallah

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