Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new life as student begin!!

sengaL!!..ak kini menjadi student kembali..
belajar bi dalam level pre-elementary 4..ekeke
agak uh sengal..dalam 20 org..
aku sorg je melayu and 3 org je from malaysia,,
and i am was the youngest among the students..when i said..i'm eighteen..they ask me back..
eighteen or twenty eight?? you make a joke right??

other from iran..thailand(afnan was her first classmate)..senegal mayb..and korean(kim was his name)..mayb ade gat parsi..ntah..perhaps..
agak gak..speaking aje..speaking,speaking and speaking!!
it quite easy and sumtymes its hard but truly it best!!
and for all malaysian student..
if u get this chance juz rebate it..
try to take part in this class(british council or other)
so you would not awkward..(hard to go or deal with..)
p/s: i didn't use to have this chance so why not if i take it ryte??


RaMHamZ said...

ko msuk ape nih??

AriFrukAi!! said...

aku masuk british council

FiQ aSH said...


AriFrukAi!! said...

sengal..yo yo je nk komen..dah ko gelak ak nk ckp pe..adeyh..

RaMHamZ said...

gler kaya ko??
bpak r..

AriFrukAi!! said...

kaye amndenye..harge mcm kat uia nye gak kan..