Monday, May 18, 2009

My first shot!! It didn't end there..

A baptism of fire!!

everybody started to talk and sometimes to excite!!
and now!! It is my turn!! Even it is only a shot and my first shot!!
I get it enough!! I use all chances that was given!!And mayb the usage of the above idiom wasn't suitable doesnt mean my first shot was dangerous enough..but it might be danger!! It trigger one's curiousity, and could arouse eagerness in someone..

klantanese, PJians, and sarawakians.

Praise upon HIM..I got new friends here..and He was kelantanese..seriously I miss to kecek qlate!! bereh abeh!!ekeke..also was a sarawakians..and other was KL..maybe around petaling district..I also found amer there..Then I found She Zuen!! My classmate in pre-inter 4 in British Council..she's getting Nerd!! same with me!!aha..I started to miss Emma!!ekekeke..and others..haha..What it was about act..if you are asking me!! Now I will tell you!

I'll get it and I had face it!!

ting ting..err the yellow card..number 24..line up!!yeah!! it was me and it looks like im goin into trouble bcoz the JPJ officer was a Women!! haiyoo!! hopefully she wasn't like other jpj women that I heard b4...yeah i heard they were strict and it is hard to get 16 poin above!! and seems the story become true bcoz yeah!! there was a girl.Mayb she failed!! and the driver was my JPJ officer..i dont know what was her name..gulp..

morning miss!! hi!!

I started to act..set up the mirror and she said..sudah2..jalan jer..gulp..sporting nmpk..

haha..snng cter ak lulus uh..borak2 pnye borak2!! cter pasal anak dye..ekeke..sampai2 bukit kete terundur bai!! pe ag bro..cover uh..

dik lepas klac!!

xpe cik..saye taw saye taw..mcm pro lak..

dapat 18/20..ekeke..heartfully thanx to all my fren..hehe even ade yg wish cm perli je..

cth ayat..

-weh x sangke dow kaw lulus!!(pedih jer ati aku nh)
-weh jpj kaw bute ke hape!! (mak ai..ko igt ak nh xreti start enjin kete ke?)

haha..btw i had pass it and now I can drive!!hehe..for those who kept license P and road users!! beware!! A new faces will come out!! USe the road!! change ur life bravely!!! ak ngarut nh..

alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah..

special request nh.thanx a lot kat Maslin dow..cekkan..haha..

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