Friday, May 15, 2009

prove it prove it!!

well since i had post the story b4..and after that i didnt i havn't any ideas to conteng today juz wan 2 say congretz to all my fren who get scholar for mara, jpa and zakat..hopefully you all take the chance and study lek lok to prove that korg is the the best among the triple tupel tupel candidates..haha..yg x dapat g overseas th..jgn banyak mulut lak..amek je la..x bsyukur tol kalo dok bising2!!memang ak bengkek gle kat dak th..nmpk sgt kaw mngharap pg uk dll..but u didnt choose as overseas candidates..then nk melatah x tntu pasal..bru nk nyesal x choose mesir..

hurm..for the next story..haha..yesterday ade kelas drive..for the last tyme mayb b4 proceed to JPJ test..haha..thanx kat kwn2 yg dah try the best nk bg ak paham bawak kete manual(aku memaang bongok gle kalo bawak manual)..dah uh QTI ari2 naseb2 jer ak terlepas..xpayah wat test road..haha..thanx again to ammar, raje, zakuan, Ainaa, shahmil, member BC and especially to mr Mogan ngn Broo lah..diorg cikgu aku..haha..adoi Amer weh..ak amek 18 ah..kaw pg uh 19 sorg2..kalo same ari pon..bknnye drive sesame..haha..

hurm..16 may is tomorrow and tomorrow is teacher's all teacher..either School's teacher, or PLKN's teacher..juz wanna wish Happy Teacher's Day..juz a wish for all of you as my present and even sometimes they make me felt sad + moody(haha kne marah) but i realize that it was a key to change me as a good and precious person!! Thanx A Lot my TEACHERs!!!ekeke..

ha!! 1 ag..sape membe2 yg dapat jpa, mara, ngn zakat luck again!!

.. siapa yg mampu mencapai mahumu bila ...

-Sacrificed on the altar of something-


~the love of me~ said...

Check out the schedule for PHT 2009 @ SSP.

Leave your comments, prediction, and issues.

AriFrukAi!! said...

thanx 4 da link..act it was wrong..haha

but i already found the blog and i will drop a comment and any suggestion.thank you.