Friday, August 21, 2009

My Love!!

hey hey hey..
we meet again after a year you left me alone,
i really miss u lah(guy Iran slalu ckp,why malaysian always added LAH after no??such as no lah..)
u noe,
i have wrote a lot of sins since last raya,,:( it were uncounted...too much..
and finally we meet again!!
I hope our conference could give thousands benefit back to me,
u noe why? we could have longer time together since u will leave me alone for the next tyme.
and i hope u wouldnt leave me alone after this,
but I noe it juz a part of my daydream,
so im really hope and pray that my time to go will always with u Ramadhan.
i really miss u ramadhan!!Now u back!!
you're so special and it really astonished me..:)

pergh lame x memB.I kan typing,.hee

(ramadhan pseta ibadah. bukan pesta juadah)

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