Monday, March 23, 2009

currently damn bored!!

hurm..well..dont know wat 2 say act..the life nom damn bored..juz do the same thing every mayb a little differ than b4..i took the undang2 test today..(trial)..huhu,,act i cant wait till thursday 2 take the test n so i went to ellapan office and ask them 4 allowed me to take the trial test..i took it 4 3 tymes..alhamdulillah..i had pass it but it only trial i had a lot thing 2 do know..i should refer back 2 KPP book 4 confirm myself that i will pass the test..everybody have their own luck and i hope I can pass the ican get my own car!!whoa!!amazing!! i really didnt dream it b4 and i hope it become i can bring YOU!!haa..

4 diz tyme..i had received a lot of letter..a kind of tawaran..but it came from a kolej2 n i dont think i will take i only pray that I can get scholarsip from MARA!!or UTP..n dat..I swear!!i didnt take the life easier than b4..i will study more harder n smarter than b4,,a lot of thing i Should change..4 parent..and 4 her!!

at 1823..i had got 3 miss call from the same number..and i think it from her!!aiyaa..what I had done!! i didnt realize that my phone on silent status..hukhuk..if it really a call from u..i m so sorry dear,,huk3..currently mengharap..

that's all for 2nite..hopefully I can enjoy 2morrow at TS if I can hung out wth my besties!!insyaallah...

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