Monday, March 30, 2009

juz an explanation of basketball

ahakz!! thiz pic i founded when ammar ask 4 his pic in my 'gajet'..and what i wanna coment on diz pic is actually this is the part of violence in basketball!! haha..juz kiddin keh..that action is one of the suck part when playing basketball..if more you discover and play many games in basketball..the more you will find what act basketball is!! Like a life act.the more rode you have taken..the more journey you will face!! and must you get 1000 of experinces and you will learn from it!! sy rase that guz (GVK) tgh meraung when i hit him at his side!!ahakz..sori bro!!sengaje..hehe

huhu..and the most part that was precious in basketball or other game is friendship!! the more you have a team and give 100% commitment you will get it!! This relationship cant build easily because it take time 2 know each members of your team!! But if u have started 2 know ur members u will get it what we call a powerfull of friendship!!

aku makin bnyk mngarut

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