Wednesday, March 25, 2009

late nite karutan!!

yana and syafiq izzat!!ade cerita mereka di bawah!! moh3..zas~~~


now im suck here!!help me out from here..hish..i dont know what to do..everyday juz doing the same thing..and now??i m turning back the wheel..juz online again..and again..but it is lying if i said there wasnt differ then yesterday my phone didnt rang like yesterday..a call from
kkb and i realize that the strong enough reason why she/he doesnt call me rite..mira/daia already knew the answer..huh..juz forget it keh..but..juz a few minutes later..i got a call fron SI..syafiq izzat..he spend about 1 hour and 15 minutes..yeah..he used his free air time..oh i forgot 2 wish happy birthday to him!!yeah..happy birthday to you!!hehe..hopefully you always success in ur life...duniawi and ukhrawi keh..bangge yana..hehe..

hurm..and tomorrow i will take another test that is..undang2 test..whoa!!currently berdebar2 keh..and x sabar2..hehe..yes of course..more faster i take the test..then more faster i can get my own car..yes pa!!that was ur promise dont forget it keh!! all my besties.!!dont worry!! mari beronggeng!!to abe!!lagenda open..bentong raub!!hehe.. hurm..

next i would to congret to all my besties..ammar,nisa',faris j,..and so on 4 who get the calling for jpa interview..and know..ur result didnt affect you but urself will affect ur future!!so work ur ass off and make it worth it!! 4 me..i'll juz pray that i will be choosen as candidates that get the calling from MARA..
besar harapan th..even my BI is currently damn suck!!but i have my keyakinan!! i can do it!!yeargh!! for all MARA/JPA here for ur preparation before the interview.. i had view diz and it really helpfull..

sila klik!!!

thats all..
sayang kau ag!! compulsary word keh..
hekhek..sayang korang gak..ehe..
tagged2!! no more karutan diz nite..fullstop.~

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